Me with a microphone

Me with a microphone

This the personal blog of Chris Vallance.

I’m a journalist and broadcaster. I specialize in the application of new media tools to journalism and radio. Currently I report for BBC Radio 4 working mostly for PM and the World at One.

In 2007 I was part of the team that launch iPM on BBC Radio 4, a news programme built around the collective intelligence of the audience. The show has broken a number of significant stories as well as developing some new approaches to audience participation through the use of technology. As well as reporting for iPM, I was lucky enough to present the programme a few times too.

In 2005 I was part of the team that launched “Pods and Blogs” on BBC Radio Five Live, which I co-hosted until 2008. Pods and Blogs began life as an hour of national late-night radio, covering the news as seen by bloggers and podcasters. While the key innovation of the programme was to demonstrate the journalistic value of engaging with blogs and bloggers, we were early adopters of a number of technologies including the use of Skype for broadcast, and Twitter (which we first used in 2007). While I’ve moved on to other things, I still contribute to the segment from time to time. The segment is now rebranded as BBC Outriders.

Occasionally people are kind enough to invite me to speak publicly about journalism and technology including, the LSE, BBC College of Journalism and the IBC.

My work can be found across various bits of the BBC. I’m also a regular contributor to the Naked Scientist podcast.  I first caught the radio bug at  WGN 720AM in Chicago.

The views in this blog are my own not those of my employer.