Radio, more positive figures.

May 8, 2009

Radio listenership in the UK is measured by RAJAR. The latest figures are out and the news is, on the whole, good.

RAJARS regularly attract press attention – but another set of good figures are also of worth noting: numbers of radio Twitter followers. Consider the man currently top of the UK Radio People on Twitter chart, Five Live’s Richard Bacon as an example:


@richardpbacon’s follower numbers have grown from 7k in February to 250k in May. An additional “reach” of 250k in 3 months, though one would assume many are existing listeners.

Following on twitter isn’t a passive act – it’s a reasonable assumption that twitter followers expect to interact with the host. With that in mind, readers who know the figures for individual programmes, may find it interesting to compare the ratio of followers to listeners with what we know about levels of audience participation from other studies.