MPs’ Expenses Visualisations.

April 13, 2009

OUsfulgrabA quick post to link to two interesting explorations of data on MPs’ expenses: Maps and graphs over at OUseful.info and at Digital Urban expenses loaded into MapTube

Neither analysis generates a new newsline but as the OUseful blog points out:

One thing these quick to put together maps show is how powerful map based displays can be used to get a feel for local differences where there is a difference. (There may well be a good reason for this, of course; including errors in the data set being used…)

Quite. Even if news-orgs don’t want to put material on the front page that has not been transmogrified into the “house style”, letting reporters look at analysis like this is a good way of targeting coverage.

The maps also highlight the power of online visualisation tools such as MapTube and Many Eyes.